Biography of Lyndsay Wills

            Lyndsay Wills Ferguson was born and bred in Ontario, Canada. She was given her first guitar and banjo by her parents at the age of 8 when she wrote her first song, Rocky Road, which she finally recorded over 50 years later. As a youngster, Lyndsay somehow knew her calling was to be a songwriter, and spent her summer breaks feeling guilty that she was lazy and wasn’t writing songs. Some things never change.....that familiar feeling remains ever-present.
      Lyndsay’s early influences were Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Ian and Sylvia, Jackson Browne, Lowell George, Neil Young, and so many more, and much too numerous to list. She frequented Fiddler’s Green in Toronto and the Riverboat coffee house at an age when most children were in bed by 9 pm. She, herself, did not have a bedtime as her parents eventually gave up, so they wouldn’t have to listen to the crying and carrying on if they wouldn’t let her watch the Smothers Brothers on TV, or the Carole Burnett show, or attend her musical events. Lyndsay has a memory of her mother coming down to the Riverboat and explaining that even though she was 10 (or 12?), years old, she gave permission for her to see Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee perform, on her own. After that, there was not a lot of supervision, and Lyndsay frequented Massey Hall, the Horseshoe Tavern (ok, that may have been when she was “legal”) and numerous other folkie hotspots in Toronto.
Lyndsay played in a band called the Orton Yahoos in the late 1970’s , and they released an album called The Great Canadian Tragedy. After that wonderful band experience, she derailed into bluegrass and old-time music. She did some banjo-pickin’ at Carlisle...those were such fun days.
      A move to Vancouver, B.C. in the 1980’s had Lyndsay freelancing as a graphic artist and illustrator. She switched it up several years later to take on a less stressful career as a psychiatric nurse, and took up playing the fiddle. Flamenco and Conjunto music were her passions as well. When Lyndsay she started to sing her case studies at work, she knew she was on the verge of some kind of change. In 2016, she decided to finally embrace her calling as a songwriter, and completed the Langara Singer/Songwriter course at Douglas college. She wrote 20 songs or more within a few months, and put out her first cd called Flight Risk.
Presently Lyndsay plays solo, and is also in an old-time trio called Lyndsay Wills and the No Frills String Band (with Michael Gix and Stewart Robson) as well as a duo called Axis II with her friend Joy Masuhara. She continues to write songs and performs locally...and still works part-time as a psychiatric nurse.
      One of Lyndsay’s songs, 9:30 at the Factory, won first prize in the Left Coast Labour Chorus songwriting contest. Her songs have been described as “lyrical and gripping” and it has been said that she will “take you out to the edge, and back in again.”
You can find Lyndsay at the swimming pool doing her laps, at the Anza Club playing music, enjoying a local craft beer in various locations or at home with her 3 dogs, too many instruments and her daughter Abbey.